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Welcome to our new LOW Pickleball Club website!! Many thanks to Kat Blanco for her hard work and creativity in getting the website up and running.

Please take time to explore what's available on the site. Of note, once you create a profile, you'll have access to the membership directory, newsletters, and gear for sale or swap! Also, under 'More' there is a chat feature (General Discussion), a blog, and a member page where you can follow or message other members.

As always, please contact us if you have any ideas or suggestions, and thank you for being a part of this great community!!

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There is a scrapbook that has pictures and articles from the early days of the PB Club. It might be interesting, especially for the newer members to see and read about the beginning of the LOW Pickleball Club.

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Kat Blanco
Kat Blanco
17. Nov. 2023
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I’d love to see that scrapbook and think it’s a great idea to make it available somewhere on the website (if it's digital) for all members to check out! I

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