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LOW Pickleball Club

The LOW Pickleball Club is an adult (18 years and over) social organization for residents and property owners of the LOW community. It is independent from the LOW Association that owns and manages the Pickleball/Tennis Amenity. The Club provides the following benefits to its members:

  • Provides balls for use on the courts.

  • Maintains scheduling software for outdoor and indoor Pickleball play signup

  • Schedules organized play sessions (round robins and ladders)

  • Operates tournaments and special events approved by LOWA.

  • Offers training opportunities including Beginner Training for any LOW resident

  • Plans various social events.

  • Secured Pickleball gear discounts at using CRLOW code.

If you have paid the LOWA Pickleball/Tennis Amenity fee and would like to join the LOW Pickleball Club click the button below to view and print an application.



Playing Pickleball at Lake of the Woods

To play Pickleball at the Lake of the Woods, a resident must first join the LOWA Pickleball and Tennis Amenity or pay a daily play fee. Amenity fees are paid on an annual basis from May to April of the following calendar year. Amenity members may bring guests after registering them and paying the same daily play fee for each. Pickleball is played on six lighted outdoor courts and four multi-use, unlighted courts in Hollyfield Park or on one indoor court located in the Community Center gym (Marion Pronk Hall). 

The Amenity is managed by LOWA through their established governance protocols of a Board of Directors, Operations Staff under the LOWA General Manger and an Amenity Board Advisory Committee (Pickleball/Tennis Committee). The LOW Pickleball Club voluntarily supports these groups to fulfill their missions however is not a formal part of the LOWA Amenity governance. 

For further details regarding the LOWA amenity please click here.

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Pickleball at Lake of the Woods

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LOW Pickleball Club in Locust Grove Virginia
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